Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection

Domestic violence may include harassment, assault, sexual abuse or neglect.  If you or someone you love has been physically or emotionally abused by their spouse or other relative, you should consult an experienced lawyer who can inform you of your rights. We will work to obtain an Order of Protection from the court to ensure your physical safety if appropriate.

In the case of marital abuse, if you wish to pursue a legal separation or divorce our legal team can advise you on the best steps to keep you safe and dissolve the marriage as quickly and favorably as possible. 

Our staff understands the sensitive nature of domestic violence and will strive to provide you with a peace of mind. However we also understand that frivolous Orders of Protection are often obtained and used by parties in attempts to gain an advantage in child custody and property proceedings. In these situations we will defend our client's rights vigorously.

Should you require additional support beyond the legal realm, we can refer you to other professionals and resources to address your needs. 


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